All Arctic Paradise jewelry is hand made and one of a kind, inspired by the beauty of Alaska!


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Swirls for Girls!


The swirl or spiral is a universal design, found in every culture. The spiral is the most widespread shape in nature. It is part of the design of plants, animals and humans, occurring in our own. DNA!  When left alone, energy tends to move, grow and balance as spirals. The swirl or spiral has many meanings and often symbolizes growth and evolution.  I read that working with the spiral design inspires creativity, and I believe it is true. Every time I work with spirals, I get an idea for a new piece of jewelry! My “Swirls for Girls” earrings are able to grow and evolve too! Take a basic swirl earring, add or remove different color beads, dangles, or other swirls to match your outfit or mood. My swirls are hand shaped from sterling silver plated, gold plated or copper wire.

Swirls for Girls are Interchangeable earrings!  Wear the ear wires alone, or slide on beads, dangles, and other silver swirls to change your look and suit your mood. Design your own! Hand made from sterling silver plated wire. They can be made smooth or hammered or smooth on one side, hammered on the other!

Necklaces are available to match with handmade silver swirl chain links and clasps and a variety of blown glass, dichroic glass, lamp work beads, natural stones, and silver. Each piece is one of a kind. Enjoy!

I make a variety of swirl designs which can be customized to be small, medium or large, made of silver plated, brass or copper wires and smooth, hammered or both.

Find Your Tribe

Incorporating traditional coins and styles from the middle east, these earring and necklaces are great for American Tribal Style dance and those who love a more ethnic look!

Crystal Clear!

Crystals and Dichroic glass.


Soft and Snuggly

Glass, beads and yarns.


Natural Inspirations

Designs inspired by the beauty of the plants, animals and landscapes of Alaska.


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